Admission for the Session 2016-17 is going on from Class Nur, 1 to class 9 (Only limited Seats as NRI quota have to be reserved).. For Details visit our Admission Page or contact School Office.

School Infrastructure

School Infrastructure
  • Digital Classroom:

    Digital classroom with ceiling mounted projector and interactive board to facilitate the students with an audio-visual illaboration.
  • Library:

    A spacious Library is the central part of our School. At present there are 1800 books in the library and in coming years there will be huge number of books from which children will get quantum of knowledge. Class-III onwards one period is alloted for library in a week. There are two sections, Junior and Senior library where the students sit and read different books what they like to read. The books of different subjects like English, Hindi, Bengali, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Encyclopedia, Journals and fictions etc are arranged in open rack system. Senior classes (III to VIII) go to the library and choose the books of their own choice but for the junior classes (Nursery and KG) the class teachers choose the story books and they read the books to develop the listening skill and power of concencentration of the children. For Classes I and II, the teachers choose the books for the students and the students silently read the which help to develop their reading and vocabulary skill. The library is expanding due to the great demand of the students as well as teachers.
  • Computer Lab:

    There is an air conditioned well equipped computer lab in Lakshya Singapore International School.Seohara which provides all facilities to the students and able to accomodate 40 students at a time. Students of class I and II are able to draw, color shapes and identify the parts of a computer. Classes III, IV learn basics of MSW-LOGO, MS-Word, etc. Whereas Standard-V Knows control panel, setting of windows and they also do project on Powerpoint . Standard-VI knows interference, CUI, GUI, MS- excel etc. The higher classes like VII, VIII at present are learning graphic programming in BASIC, RDBMS (Ms- Access), Creation of Web pages with HTML, Network Topologies.
  • Games & sports:

    A huge play ground is fully utilized by our students in their games period which is allotted in the time table . The student are accompanied by two games teachers who teach different types of indoor and outdoor games. Different equipments are provided for junior student (N to Class II). They are also trained to play different games like standing rally, passing the ball etc. Senior students are interested to play relay race, kabadi, kho-kho, badminton , cricket , volley ball, passing the ball, football as outdoor games. A room for indoor games like Table-Tennis, Carrom, Chess is also utilized by the students. Keeping the programmes (Annual sports, march past for independence day) in mind, the students are trained by the games teacher from the beginning of the session. "Healthy mind in a healthy body" is our motto which is followed in every step of our school curriculum.
  • Transport:

    The school provides buses and Tata Magic vans to collect student form every corner of the town (Budbud-Galsi-Ullhas-Gushkara) . The buses are well maintained and the bus drivers, helpers are always ready to co-operate with the students and their parents.
  • Mathematics Lab:

    We, teacher or parents always expect 100% marks in Mathematics from our children . Have we ever thought that whether a child likes Maths or not ? From Psychological point of view a Child`s love for a subject depends on the method by which the teacher is imparting knowledge. For example, to teach shapes in junior classes, a teacher is supposed to give the children different colorful & dimensional shapes which they can feel, touch and then perception of the object by sense organ helps a child to know different shapes. For senior classes, the introduction of indentities (a+b)2 / (a-b)2 can be explained geometrically by cutting papers in rectangular or square form and arranging them in order . We, teachers of Lakshya Singapore International School. Seohara are doing lot of experiment in Mathematics and ultimately the idea of Mathematics Laboratory has been developed where the mathematical formulae /Laws are not learnt by the children by heart but they establish the relationship among the variables and the validity of the formula as tested.
  • Science Lab:

    Lakshya Singapore International School Seohara students have started utilising the facilities of Physics/Chemistry and Biology laboratory . We, Teachers always believe in the philosophical truth, "Learning by doing" So the students experimentally prove the knowledge by doing experiments what they learn from the books. N- to class VIII are learning Science/EVS by different activities in their own class room. The senior students are curious to know the scientific facts not only from the book but also doing the experiments. To fulfil the demands the students are taken to the laboratory and they observe experiments and come to the conclusion.
  • Medical Facility:

    There is an infirmary in Lakshya Singapore International School Seohara where all types of medicines are available . The injured children get first-aid and for emergency they are sent immediately to the Nursing home / hospitals by a Mobile Van. Two beds are arranged in the sick room and the students are always attended by our staff.
  • Admission Procedure:

    School usually advertises for new admission in a new academic session in the month of November every year. The parents collect the form, prospectus and syllabus for the admission test from the school office and register the name of their children . For N to class I there is no admission test. Only after interview they are selected whereas for class II onwards have to sit for admission test and appear before interview board . Admission test for English , Mathematics , general science is taken. Once the child is selected, the parents pay the fees in the school office.
  • Well Decorated Montessory Rooms for pre-primary students

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