Admission for the Session 2016-17 is going on from Class Nur, 1 to class 9 (Only limited Seats as NRI quota have to be reserved).. For Details visit our Admission Page or contact School Office.

The Management

Parent –Teacher Association:

Parent-teacher association is a formal organization composed of parents and teachers that is intended to facilitate parental participation in school activities for a greater success. The School regularly seeks parental co-operation and assistance through the parent-teacher association (P.T.A.) thereby promoting a closer relationship between home and school. The parent-teacher association of the school is elected annually according to the norms laid down by C.B.S.E. P.T.A. members support the school in the following manifold ways:
  • Reviewing the school’s progress through P.T.A. meetings in a critical and unbiased way.
  • Facilitating an effective communication between the schools and the parents.
  • Making decisions regarding curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • Supporting the school’s various activities and initiatives with great impetus such as organizing social events for the students.
The parent-teacher association (P.T.A.) and our orientation programmes give the parents a direct and the students an indirect access to school’s affairs; opportunity to interact, provide feedback and exchange ideas with the school’s management. The school encourages the parents to be involved in the social and the emotional development of their child under its guidance. The endeavour of the school is to treat parents as partners and it looks forward to their contribution to the effective functioning of the school.  

List of P.T.A Members- (2016-17)

Class Name of the Students Parents Representative Contact Number
Under discussion

Management Committee:

To pace up the growth of the school substantially the management committee of the school was formed. The committee focuses on the important matters of the curriculum and important matters of the school. It examines different aspects and takes final decision to be implemented.
Some of the Important Functions of Management Committee:
(i) It supervises the activities of the school for its smooth functioning.
(ii) It looks into the welfare of the teachers and employees of the school.
(iii) It evolves both short-term and long-term programmes for the improvement of the school.
(iv) It guides the principal to maintain the standard of discipline in the school.
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